badge-estrieThe Scouts de l’Estrie have been teaching outdoor education and social development since 1931.

Through regular encounters, physical, intellectual or expression games, nature camps and projects, Scouting aims to develop all aspects of the young person’s personality (physical, intellectual, social, emotional and moral). For teenagers, adventure scouting stimulates initiative and self-transcendence in a multitude of outdoor experiences, survival and humanitarian aid here or abroad.

Our district has more than 800 young people between the ages of 7 and 21, divided into 18 urban and rural groups totaling 64 units: 16 beaver colonies: 7-8 years, 23 Cubs: 9-11 years, 14 scout troops: 12-14 years , 9 positions Pioneers: 15-17 years, 2 crossroads Young adults: 18-21 years. More than 300 volunteers, dynamic and enthusiastic, welcome these girls and guys curious, adventurous, go-getters and motivated by challenges of human solidarity.

Scout Mission

In more than 160 countries, 28 million young Scouts are working to build a better world. Each young person lives a personalized progression where he discovers the importance of investing in the life of the group. Scouting contributes to youth leadership in a responsible development approach.

The mission of Scouting is to contribute to the education of young people and to the building of a better world of people who are ready to play a constructive role in society.

Meaning of the District of Estrie badge

The yellow outline represents the territory covered by the district of Estrie
The mountain on the left represents Mount Orford on which one can see the rivers Saint-François and Magog
The mountain on the right is the Mont Mégantic on which one finds snow
The scout cross with the fleur-de-lys is there to signify our belonging to Scouting
The colors used are for age groups
Yellow for 7-8 years old (beavers)
Green for 9-11 year olds (Cubs)
Blue for the 12-14 years old (scouts)
Red for 15-17 years old (pioneers)

This badge was adopted on 14 August 2001.


The office, which is made up of experienced volunteer members, shares its knowledge, tools and know-how to accompany group volunteers in the acquisition of skills in animation. In a customized and adapted form for each field team, the commissioners meet the needs of the facilitators and transmit the expectations of the movement to ensure the quality, safety and vitality of Scout activities for each age group.